We love making mobile games and we put our heart and soul into each one. Our projects have interesting ideas, unique graphics and style, and exciting gameplay. Players love it!
And we also value our team very much. Throughout its history our company has been constantly evolving, adapting to new technological trends in the world of mobile gaming and changing with them. One thing has not changed: we are a team of like-minded people who are passionate about what they do!
Middle/Senior UI Artist (remotely)
  • Understand and know the basic principles of design (in our case in the context of mobile devices and not only) and use them in practice;
  • Analyze other games on the market and their UX/UI solutions;
  • Work within a style, or offer your own competitive solution;
  • Understand and know the processes of how UX/UI development is built. From selecting references and concepts to final application screens ready for layout in a game engine;
  • Develop design with the technicalities in mind (know how UI elements are assembled in Unity, what 9-slicing sprites are, how anchors work, etc.);
  • Teamwork on UX/UI processes in Asana;

Middle / Senior C# Unity Engineer
  • Development of interfaces based on prepared prefabs
  • Game business logic development
  • Building and supporting unit tests, integration tests, and creating testing tools
  • Working with pull requests
  • Interaction with technical designer, server developer, data engineer
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